Ancient Healing Practice Helps Wild Mustangs

Every two years, in the sunny, rolling hills of Napa in Northern California, magic happens at an event called Napa Mustang Days. Wild mustangs that have been removed from their lands by the Bureau of Land Management are brought to a central area to find new, safe, caring homes.
But the wild horses are often frightened. They’ve been traumatized―they’ve been transported, they are in new, strange surroundings, and to many of them, this new place is just as frightening as the places they were just taken from. To support the horses, Cindie Ambar and practitioners like her, use the ancient Japanese technique of Reiki and other modalities of healing, to help calm the terrified horses.
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Lady Learns to Trust

The following story illustrates the power of Reiki to bring healing and create change over a short period of time, as well as the importance of giving an animal choice and control over their situation.
I first met Lady in December of 2011. She had been described as "explosive", bolting at every attempt at human contact. Lady and her mother, Snowflakes, had been cared for in a foster pasture several miles away from Pregnant Mare Rescue for the preceding six months. They had been rescued at a feedlot, literally on their way to slaughter.
On my first visit to see Snowflakes and Lady, Lady was very curious about me. I could feel her wanting to connect, but she stopped herself each time she crept more than a few feet in my direction. Please click on the following link for the full story.  It does take a couple of minutes to load. Lady Learns to Trust.docx .

Healing Horses Holistically
by Charlotte Jensen, SARA Publicist 

Note:  This article was reprinted with permission by my professional association, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.
When abused, neglected horses wind up in sanctuaries, they find the support and vet care they so desperately need. When those same horses land in a SARA sanctuary, they get all that--and more. A look at how Reiki is changing the way horses are rehabilitated. 
Leah D'Ambrosio, Reiki teacher and co-founder of SARA, was training students at Pregnant Mare Rescue in Aptos, California, when she first encountered Las Vegas Dancer. The former racehorse, a new arrival saved from slaughter, made it crystal clear she wanted nothing to do with Leah or the class. But as the other horses in the pasture lined up along the fence to soak up the Reiki energy, Las Vegas Dancer couldn't help but watch curiously from a distance. Before long, the mare approached with cautious steps and ultimately pushed the first horse out of the way. "She continued to go down the line, pushing horses out of the way to get Reiki from their person," D'Ambrosio says. "And when she got to the last person, she turned around and started over."
Las Vegas Dancer
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