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Happier, Healthier Pets & Humans.

I offer healing for both humans and animals, as well as animal communication services. This work supports improvements on the emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual levels. For humans, it also includes improvements in abundance, relationships, releasing addictions, life’s purpose, business success and more! When stuck energy, trapped emotions and limiting belief systems are released, energy is allowed to flow freely, allowing the being to thrive, improving their quality of life and well-being. 


Human Energy Healing

Energy Healing
for Humans

Energy healing is focused on your individual goals. Cindie most frequently use a combination of modalities so we address your concerns on multiple levels.

Animal Communication

Energy Healing
for Animals

Cindie offers animal communication services and energy healing for both humans and animals. This work supports emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual improvements.

Classes & Sessions

Classes &

Reiki Levels I and II (energy healing certifications for both humans and animals):

  • Bonding with Animals
  • Supporting and Calming Nervous/Anxious Animals
  • Opening Yourself up to Love
  • Releasing Addictions
  • Opening Yourself up to Greater Abundance.
Featured Service

Animal Communication

Animal communication can assist you and your companion to identify and resolve any emotional and behavioral challenges — improving their quality of life!

Cindie receives messages from your fur-baby via words, images, videos, feeling emotions or physical sensations, knowings and sometimes by taste or smell. Sessions are held via Zoom and recorded so you can review the communication at any time.



Tiger shares his wisdom!

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Cindie Ambar

Meet Cindie

Animal Communicator & Healer

With more than 12 years of experience and extensive training, Cindie provides animal communication and human and animal energy healing services worldwide. Distance is not a barrier. Cindie has worked with animals of all kinds, both wild and domestic. Additionally, Cindie provides six to ten hours of pro-bono healing services weekly at local sanctuaries and shelters.

Meet Cindie

Cindie Ambar

Animal Communicator & Healer

With more than 12 years of experience and extensive training, Cindie provides animal communication and human and animal energy healing services worldwide. Distance is not a barrier. Cindie has worked with animals of all kinds, both wild and domestic. Additionally, Cindie provides six to ten hours of pro-bono healing services weekly at local sanctuaries and shelters.

Current Classes

Bonding with Animals

For animals of all kinds, with a special emphasis on supporting nervous/anxious animals.

Topics include:

  • What our animals know about us!
  • How to build trust and help animals feel safe
  • How to deepen relationships with animals
  • The magic of connecting with animals through meditation
  • The magic of building loving connection through sound

Bonding with Animals

Bonding with Animal

TBD, Felton, CA

Reiki Level 1 Class

In Reiki Level I, students receive instruction in utilizing this healing modality for both humans and animals. The benefits of Reiki include:


  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving overall physical, emotional, spiritual and behavioral well being
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Improving mobility and appetite in senior animals

    Reiki Level I

    October 22 & 23, 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

    Saroj Meera Headshot

    Client's Testimonial

    We adopted a second dog about six weeks ago. Our Poochon was depressed and jealous. She stopped playing and smiling. My last straw came when she peed in my bed. I was at my wit's end, and then a friend recommended Cindie Ambar of Heartsong Animal Healing. Cindie came to our house and did a healing on our pup. She is playful and happy again and there is no more peeing all over the house! My husband, the skeptic, was impressed."

    -Saroj & Meera

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    Facts & Question

    Facts & Questions
    Why invest in healing work for my animal companion?

    Regular veterinary care is a critical, irreplaceable service for all animals.  That said, there are a number of issues that veterinarians are not able to address as directly as others. These include behavioral, mental/emotional and spiritual conditions, such as traumatized/fearful/anxious animals, reactive/aggressive animals, animals with depression, etc.  

    Animals, like humans, have belief systems and emotional challenges and always pick up on the stresses of their people. Disease (including physical illnesses), disorders and distress begin when energy becomes stuck” in the emotional body. Freeing the energy allows the being to heal and thrive again.  This works equally well for animals as it does for humans. 

    The work I do can also supplement the work you are engaging in with your vet and help promote and speed healing on all levels.  Additionally, some of the work I do can be considered to be preventive.  Disease and disability begin in the emotional body, so addressing emotional issues can help resolve issues before they impact the physical body.  

    Some modalities provide peace and deep relaxation for your animals and the session is like giving them a mini-spa day!  My healing services can also support your animals while you are traveling or otherwise unable to connect with them physically.

    Why work with me/Heartsong?
    • I love all animals deeply, am passionate about what I do and have a deep understanding of animals at an emotional and spiritual level.
    • I can address your animals physical and emotional well-being holistically.
    • I have the capacity to work with animals and humans living great distances away.  I have clients all over the world.
    • I have a great deal of integrity and, if another practitioner or type of service would be a better fit for you, I will refer you elsewhere.
    • I have more than 12 years of experience working with animals of all kinds, wild and domestic.
    • I am trained in more than 15 healing modalities, a number of which have scientific evidence documenting their efficacy.
    • I have a trauma informed approach and work in partnership with your animals.  Like humans, animals do not heal optimally if the healing work is done to them, vs. with them.
    • I receive messages from animals that support me in most effectively choosing the healing work that will best support them.    At times I may receive messages of interest to you.
    • I am constantly upgrading and improving my skills.
    • I have a documented history of good outcomes from my work.
    • I have extensive experience working with animals that have been traumatized, such as shelter/sanctuary animals.
    How does healing work differ from humans to animals?

    Primarily, it is the same.  Animals are mammals like us and their physiology is very similar to ours.  Animals have belief systems that impact their health and well-being, which I am able to address.  Animals need to be a partner in the healing process, like humans.  With respect to differences, most animals tend to have fewer layers of the onion to peel back in healing work and can heal more quickly and effectively than many humans.  Animals, unlike humans, dont have to be touched to receive the healing benefits of energy work. They are very sensitive to energy and connect easily and effortlessly.

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    Why invest in healing work for myself?

    Not only can I improve the quality of your life with my services (health, relationships, life purpose, abundance, etc.), but because our animals take on our stresses and even our physical or emotional issues in an attempt to try and heal us, working on yourself can greatly improve the health and well-being of your fur-babies.

    Why invest in animal communication?

    To identify and address the underlying causes of behavioral challenges and changes in behavior, to determine if an animal is ready to transition, to speak with an animal who has crossed over, to help resolve issues between animal siblings, to prepare an animal for a life transition such as a move, new puppy, etc., and much more.

    Are there any risks to my animal or to myself?

    No.  There is always the possibility of a temporary healing reaction in which you or your animal companion is tired or emotional after the session; however, this is a short-term detoxification” process as old issues come to the surface for healing.

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