Owner’s Issues


Help prevent your animal companions from taking on your emotions and conditions!


Animals are incredibly compassionate and frequently take on their person’s issues in an attempt to heal them.  They also take on any emotional issues occurring in the household for the same purpose.  It is not unusual for me to work with animals with the same health conditions as their people.  While we may not be able to understand what our animal companions are saying and thinking, they understand our words and thoughts.  It can be very helpful to tell an animal that the best way to support you is by being well.  When I share this in my communication sessions, the animal is often quite relieved.  It’s important to remind your animal several times and again, when new issues arise.

Each energy recording should be played a minimum of three times, ideally two weeks apart and then as needed. Some energies, such as Being Present and Here can be played daily for grounding.

It is not what is said in the recording that creates the shift. The energy of the activation is encoded in the recording. For your animal companions, the recording can be played with the intent your animal connects with the energy if they would like to receive it.  The recording may be played silently, or with the volume on.