Please note:  Services are a complement to, rather than a substitute for veterinary care.  All services can be provided either in person or from a distance.
Although one on one connection is preferable, a number of methods, such as Reiki, can be provided to a group of animals, creating a more economical way to access the healing benefits.  Group Reiki sessions are particularly beneficial for boarding facilities or other locations where there are a number of animals, providing a calming atmosphere and improving interactions.  I would encourage you to visit the Articles and Stories  page for more information about the work in context.

Whatever the modality, I give thanks to God/the Divine working through me as a channel for the energy.  Each modality is simply another way of connecting with and using this energy for joy and transformation.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Rei means "spirit" and Ki means "energy", translating as spiritual or life force energy.  If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. The energy travels from the Practitioner to the client and an energetic space is created to support the self-healing process. Results are similar to acupuncture. Reiki can be given with hands on or can also be given at a distance, so it is ideal for those animals who are learning to trust or have been traumatized. 
 Reiki is being used with increasing regularity in hospitals and other medical facilities.While Reiki is not a substitute for Veterinary care, it is a powerful modality that can:
  • Facilitate and promote physical/emotional healing and   overall well being
  • Facilitate improvements in behavioral challenges
  • Bring peace and deep relaxation.
  • Support horses in learning to trust and build the horse human partnership
Reiki services can be provided on site or from great distances. Distance sessions are more economical; however, I recommend that locals have at least the first session on site.
Sweet mustang filly, basking in the Reiki energy at Napa Mustang Days
Sound Healing
Sound is the oldest form of healing and there is substantial research documenting the benefits.  It is being used increasingly as a modality all over the world.  Every organ, every tissue in our body has a vibration.  When we are well, the mind, body and spirit vibrate harmonically, "in tune".  In illness or distress of any kind, the vibrations are disharmonic.  Sound healing is an avenue to restoring wellness, harmony and optimal functioning.
My sound healing work includes voice, crystal bowls, viola, Native American flute and drum. With respect to voice I may sound a tone, channel a melody, chant or sing mantras and sacred songs.  The approach varies depending on my innner guidance.
I have found animals as well as people to be highly receptive to sound and to go into deep states of relaxation where profound healing can occur.  It is a gentle, pleasant form of healing, yet very powerful. Like Reiki, sound healing can be performed at a distance.
The amazing and beautiful Black, and his companion, Blacker, love the vibrations of the flute.  From Reins Sanctuary in Hollister, CA
Reconnective Healing
For more information, please see the "Services for Humans" page.  I am trained in Reconnective Healing, the Reconnection and specifically in Reconnective Healing for Animals.
The new Reconnective Healing™ energies work at the cellular level where disease patterns are held, and work to release those vibrations that are causing disharmony.  It may be helpful for conditions that have not responded to other forms of treatment.


Sacred Activations is a healing method developed by Tamra Oviatt.  It is the most powerful work I have ever had the privilege of connecting with and has changed my life tremendously. The activations work by shifting energy and belief systems and build capacity in the specific area of focus.  Animals, as well as humans have experiences or belief systems that limit them and impact their abiility to thrive and function. This body of work has been very effective in faciliating major transformations for my human clients and there are a number of basic activations that have worked very well for my horse friends.  The primary activations I use with animals are those that support being grounded, releasing trauma/PTSD, addressing grief and abandonment and bringing the body back into balance. 
Balshoy basks in the healing energy.  From the CARE Sanctuary in Apopka, Florida, where I earned my Animal Reiki Master's certification.