Services for Humans

Services for humans range, depending on your individual goals.  For no charge for all my clients, I teach you how to meditate, get grounded and open your heart with your animal, deepening your connection. I also can provide Reiki energy for relaxation, stress reduction, to improve your physical or emotional well being or go deeper.  Going deeper could involve assessing and addressing blocks to your heart connection with your animal companion, performance blocks on your part or more intensive work focused on improving relationships, financial well being, claiming more of your power, aligning yourself with your life's purpose or experiencing spiritual growth and development.
The  focus of my deeper work is on bringing joy, healing and transformation; bringing you fully into your power, beauty and the magnificence of who you truly are. I believe we are all angels in the process of uncovering and rediscovering ourselves.
Modalities include Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Sound Healing, Sacred Activations and Shamanic work. For more information on Reiki and Sound Healing, see the Services for Animals Page. Whatever the modality, I give full credit to God/the Divine working through me as a channel.  Each is simply another way of connecting with and using this energy for joy and transformation.
Group training for a deeper connection with animals is also available.  For more information, please visit the store page.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing was developed/discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl more than 20 years ago and has expanded substantially, with 75,000 practitioners worldwide. It restores balance to faciliate healing on multiple levels, reconnecting you with yourself and the universe.  I am trained in both Reconnective Healing with people and animals.The Reconnective Healing™ energies work at the cellular level where disease patterns are held, and work to release those vibrations that are causing disharmony on the physical and emotional levels or with respect to life circumstances.
A Reconnective Healing session is a journey.  It is highly relaxing and induces a dream like state in which you may see gorgeous colors, have insights and realizations, feel warmth and movement, or have other bodily sensations.  No touch is required-the practitioner moves their hands over the areas of the body they are most drawn to.
One to three sessions are recommended.  While most people have their most profound experience on the third session, mine was on the first.  Sessions may result in improvement in physical or emotional challenges or life circumstances. 
While the focus of a Reconnective Healing session is the healing process, the "Reconnection" the focus is on connecting you with your life purpose and escalating your spiritual development.   It is recommended that the Reconnection be facilitated after at least one Reconnective Healing session has been experienced.
Reconnective Healing sessions can be provided at a distance,; however, an in person appointment is needed for the Reconnection.  Please see the links page for the RH website for practitioners in your local area.  Since there is charge for practitioners, not all are listed and you may find others by googling "Reconnective Healing" and your location.


Please see the Services for Horses Page for additional details.
I chose to become a Sacred Activations practitioner because the work had such a profound impact on my life, with substantial shifts over a short period of time.  I have been astounded at the positive results associated with changing my belief systems, releasing beliefs that no longer serve me. There are activations focused on improving physical and mental health, addressing addictions, improving self-esteem, relationships, financial abundance, deepening spiritual connections and connection with and success in your life's purpose.   Each activation releases a specific set of beliefs, for example the Christ Consciousness activation releases judgement towards yourself and others.  The Mother Earth activation helps you stay grounded and creates a deeper connection with nature and animals.
All Sacred Activations practitioners peform their work remotely. I have clients as far away as Singapore.  With humans, it is recommended that the more basic activations be performed before the higher level activations are attempted.  I provide the first three activations free of charge.  After the first three activations, activations may be accessed by either purchasing a recording or by a session in which I intuit the activations most suited for you and do work with additional beliefs or circumstances.
As a high level practitioner, I have channeled a number of my own activations as well as being trained to provide those Tamra has channeled directly.   There are well over 100 Sacred Activations and I have another 30 of my own.  I will be posting activations for purchase as well as making them available during live sessions; however, with the astronomical number to record, this will take me some time.  I currently have twenty five recorded, primarily the foundational activations and can record for you any other activations you may be interested in.