You have to keep on your toes with my darling friend, Phoenix. He is young and playful AND incredibly kind and compassionate.

There is a horse at Pregnant Mare Rescue who is one of the latest to join the herd. She initially hung out with Majesty, the horse she lived with for years, but now is alone much of the time. She’s had it tough and has had a lot of heartache. Both Denna Stone, the herd manager and and I (check out have done some intensive heart healing work with her and she is shifting beautifully, but still spends most of her time alone.

I have witnessed Phoenix making consistent attempts to break her isolation and spend time near her. He is rebuffed with some frequency, but does not give up on her. He told me today “Harmony does not have any friends. I am determined to become her friend”.

If only all humans were as kind as Phoenix, what a beautiful world this would be! 

NOTE:  Several days after this was written, Harmony was witnessed doing mutual grooming with Phoenix.  Friend request accepted!  🙂

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