Playing Bear

Animals as Healers –

Who is Healing Who?

I spent Wednesday afternoon with a gorgeous, black Scottish Fold. These cats are genetically predisposed to arthritis. I’d been feeling down all week, but managed to get myself into a good space for the appointment. “K” was pretty blissed out when I left and he continued to do Reiki with me for several hours afterwards. As I left and he reconnected with me, I was conscious of feeling my heart open and indescribable bliss. I kept the car stereo off because I wanted to focus on the amazing and beautiful way I was feeling. It was profound. I didn’t want it to ever stop.


Animals have officially served as healers for decades-as therapy dogs, for equine assisted psychotherapy, to sniff out cancer and so much more. Boa constrictors are awesome at detecting oncoming seizures! The list goes on and on. I am here to tell you that it is not just “special” breeds that are healers. Each and every animal is a healer in his/her own right. They are sacred, sentient, magical beings.


When I was in my Reiki Master’s level training in Apopka, Florida, a gigantic, amazing bear named “Quinn” (pictured above) was my healer. I had been having intensive abdominal pains for a number of weeks and was quite uncomfortable. My doctor did not know what to make of it. During the session, Quinn became very relaxed and it appeared as if he was sleeping, yet when I got up from the session the pain was gone, never to return. I will never know what caused it, but I am crystal clear about who/what healed it. 


These healings occur for my students, as well as myself. I was teaching a bonding with animals class at Pregnant Mare Rescue in Aptos, California and a friend got up from a meditation with a tiny pony, only to find that her heart had been healed. She had been experiencing deep and intense heartache for quite some time and it was simply gone. She left elated.


Over the last several weeks, I have been experiencing quite a bit of emotional pain related to a major life transition. My cat, Gabby, who usually sleeps on top of me or by the end of the bed has been curling up in front of my chest and purring for incredibly long intervals. I can feel the vibration of her purring in my heart and it soothes me and releases the pain so I can get back to sleep. Cats use their purr as a method of self-soothing, among other things and she is sharing her healing talents with me daily!