⁠You know the drill.  You drop big bucks at the pet store and your cat barely glances at what you brought home.  Always an adventure!

While the best cat toys are free (tissue paper, toilet paper, string, rolly bottle caps), there are several toys that have been a hit with every cat I have had for decades.  Cat Dancers have been around for ages.  It’s simply a piece of wire with some cardboard rolls at the top.  The wire moves in a super fun, unpredictable way to keep them stimulated.  I have been using these for more than 30 years.
Cat Crazies are a newer find for me and they are awesome!  It’s just a little piece of plastic. Your cat can slide them, flip them, roll them, bite them and carry them.  It gives your cat something to hunt and chase while engaging your cat’s natural instinct to hunt and catch.  My Althea absolutely adores them!
Last, but certainly not least are Kitty Kix Stix.  This consists of catnip filled tube.  They are about 10 inches long and perfect for them to hold onto with their mouth and kick and scratch.  The first thing Althea does when she comes back into the house is to go snuggle up and play with it.
Good luck with this!