Improve Your Life by Better Understanding Your Canine and Feline Fur – Babies’ Behaviour

This book, written in 2014 and its companion book, Decoding Your Cat’s Behavior, published in 2020 are amazing resources for all folks with animal companions.  A lot of the trouble we get into with our fur-babies’ results from assigning human motivations to their behavior.  For example, dogs aren’t acting out of guilt when they show submissive behaviors when you are angry.  They feel the tension in your voice and in your body and are trying to communicate that they aren’t a threat.  Not only that, punishment doesn’t work, but reinforcement does.

These books have step by step guides to things such as introducing a new animal into your home, minimizing the possibility that there will be issues between your human and furry babies, etc.  There is much to learn here that will both make your life easier and enhance your relationship with the animals in your life!  I have read both and highly recommend them!