My Journey into Animal Healing 

Healing Our Healers with Heartsong Animal Healing

With extensive training and more than 12 years of experience, Cindie Ambar from Heartsong Animal Healing provides energy healing work and animal communication for animals of all kinds, especially those who have suffered from trauma.  In this interview she shares her fascinating journey in animal healing and how these sacred beings can benefit greatly from receiving healing for themselves.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and how you started your journey in working with animals?

I lived near the freeway growing up and people were always abandoning animals in the field next to us. I came across quite a few animals in poor shape as a youngster and it was heartbreaking. As teenagers, my sister and I would visit the animal shelter regularly and make plans to buy a farm and break them out! I have always had a deep love and respect for animals.  

That said, I literally had to be hit over the head to move into my life’s purpose!  I was in a deep, dark place in my life, struggling with a concussion that I was not healing from.  I was afraid my life would never be normal again, when a friend suggested I contact a healer.  After my first session, I improved considerably.  She saw my healing potential and began to train me. When I learned my second modality, Reiki, I was told that it would make me an animal magnet and off I went!  I left a high paying job to do this work and I couldn’t be happier.

What areas and animals do you serve?

My work can be performed just as effectively from a distance.  I literally have clients all over the world.   I have worked with animals of all kinds, wild and domestic.  The animals I serve the most frequently are horses and dogs.

For anyone who has had a close relationship with an animal it would be clear that animals have recognition, memory, decision-making abilities, intelligence, and a wide range of emotions.  Could you tell us a bit about your own experience of this and how you connect with animals?

It’s important to first understand that animals are sacred, sentient beings. They are actively involved in our own healing and the healing of the planet and discuss this with frequency.  They have their own life purpose, step in to our lives to support us with our life purpose and have profound wisdom to share with their people and the human race in general.  There is unbelievable divinity within them.  There also is no real intellectual and spiritual difference between the species.  They have belief systems as well and some of my most powerful work results from shifting limited beliefs.

When I communicate with an animal, they often have amazing advice for their people.  The messages I receive come in the way of words, photos, videos, feelings, knowing’s and even taste or smell. As an example, here is a segment of my conversation with a Friesian horse named “Arnold” a couple of years ago:

“I have been wanting to connect with you for a long time.  You have done so much good for so long for so many of my people that it is an honor to meet you.  You have much work to be done with horses.  They love and revere you, yet you do not feel worthy to work with them.  I am here to teach you otherwise.  I am an important messenger in your life.

My people have need of you.  You have shown so much kindness and brought so much healing to us that you are the “talk of the town”.  You are our friend, protector and ally.  There is so much work to be done.  Begin to work immediately.  There is truth in what I say.     We have been waiting for you for so long.  So come do the work you were placed on this planet, in this dimension to do.

What healing modalities do you offer, and do you have a personal preference?

It’s a long list!  More than 16 at my last count and I keep on learning.  They include Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, the Emotion Code, the Body Code, Sacred Activations, Sacred Attunements, Core Expansion and Accelerated Light Healing.

Reiki is a Japanese word that literally translates “universal life energy”. Please tell us more about this ancient healing art and your practice with animals.

Reiki is the most beautiful energy on the planet when it comes to working with animals.  It creates a state of oneness, a heart and soul connection that is life-changing.  It is a meditative practice that involves connecting with divine energy and sharing that energy with your client.  We call ourselves practitioners vs. healers, because we believe all beings have the power to heal themselves and support them by sharing the energy with them.

In a Reiki session, hands may be placed on the animal (only if they wish) and the practitioner may use a set of hand positions, or better yet, move to where their hands are instinctively drawn.  Some animals like hands on, some don’t and the energetic connection is the same.  We are able to share this energy with them without physical contact based on the principle of oneness. We are all one.  The energy flowing within me can be flowing in you, with your permission and my intent.

What are the most common reasons that animal owners come to you?

Number one on the list are traumatized and fearful/nervous/anxious animals.  It’s my favorite thing to support animals and humans with.  I was a nervous wreck until I was 40 years old!  I also get a lot of clients who are exhibiting behavioral challenges or are considered to be aggressive, which is really about fear and a lack of confidence.  I am developing a reputation for helping animals pee in the right place!  Senior animals are another and I love to support them in improving mobility, appetite, etc.

I teach an online class on supporting nervous and anxious animals that I offer every few months as well to support clients who have limited funds.

Lastly, what has been the most inspiring or memorable moment for you in your profession?

So many.  Every day is an inspiration for me.  That said, my work with a filly named Lady would be the most memorable.  Lady was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything.  She was six months old and not even the kind woman who fostered her and fed her daily could get anywhere near her.  The first time I came out she came near me and by the end of the session and was sniffing me, but I couldn’t move a muscle or she would take off running.   

The second session she approached me cautiously and was less afraid.  The third session, she gave a little groan, then was panting heavily for a time (as if she was processing something) and fell into a deep sleep.  When I saw her again, she came right up to me and placed her head on my chest for a very long time and it was clear to me that she was thanking me.  One of the most beautiful moments of my life.  She is now a very happy and healthy adult mare in a wonderful home.  I will never forget her.