Animal Cruelty


Release the trauma of abuse and neglect!


This energy recording releases trauma and fears related to animal abuse or neglect.  Ideal for rescue animals and others struggling with human related fears and anxieties.  It is recommended for use after several repetitions of “Being Present and Here”, which lays a foundation for peace and grounding.  It is also helpful for animals labeled as “aggressive” since that condition is rooted in fear and mistrust.

Each energy recording should be played a minimum of three times, ideally two weeks apart and then as needed. Some energies, such as Being Present and Here can be played daily for grounding.

It is not what is said in the recording that creates the shift. The energy of the activation is encoded in the recording. For your animal companions, the recording can be played with the intent your animal connects with the energy if they would like to receive it.  The recording may be played silently, or with the volume on.