Reiki Share! Fundraiser for Pregnant Mare Rescue!


Learn more about practicing Reiki with animals, practice healing meditations with horses and donate to a worthy cause!  Requires certification in Reiki at any level, in any lineage.


This event is open to Reiki practitioners trained in any lineage.  A Reiki share involves teaching and sharing Reiki meditations with the collective power of a group, and this share includes discussion around sharing Reiki with animals.  The share will be lead by animal communicators and healers, Cindie Ambar of Heartsong Animal Healing and Cathy O’Brien of Hearts and Paws Healing, who have 26 years of collective experience practicing Reiki with animals.

The share will take place at the Pregnant Mare Rescue pasture in Watsonville, CA.  Six amazing horses share this eight acre pasture space. There is a minimum donation of $49, with higher amounts available to support Pregnant Mare with the rising cost of medical supplies and supplements for these beautiful beings.  Donations are non refundable.  Donation receipts will be given upon request. Donations will be used to set up a pre-paid account for products.

The event will take place from 11:00 am to 1:00ish pm at the PMR pasture.  Address will be given upon registration.

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