Separation Anxiety


Support the release of separation anxiety and bring comfort to your animal companion!


Animals can suffer from separation anxiety for a number of reasons in addition to being abandoned.  The practice of removing animals from their mothers at six to eight weeks of age can result in separation anxiety.  The American Society of Veterinary Behaviorists recommend twelve to fourteen weeks with mother and siblings for the best possible outcome.  Separation Anxiety is multi-faceted and typically requires a multi-pronged approach to heal.

Each energy recording should be played a minimum of three times, ideally two weeks apart and then as needed. Some energies, such as Being Present and Here can be played daily for grounding.

It is not what is said in the recording that creates the shift. The energy of the activation is encoded in the recording. For your animal companions, the recording can be played with the intent your animal connects with the energy if they would like to receive it.  The recording may be played silently, or with the volume on.