uppy Socialization! #puppy#socialize
When you have a new puppy, it is really important to expose them to all kinds of people, machines and noises early on. It brings a sense of normality to various circumstances and greatly diminishes the chances of having a reactive adult dog.
A behaviorist I follow actually recommends having a puppy party, once your puppy is settled in and accustomed to your household. He seriously recommends having 100 people over from all sexes, shapes, ages and sizes. He also recommends the guests bring skateboards, bicycles, boom boxes, to familiarize your pup and understand that these are normal, safe things. Wish I knew about that long ago!
It’s also important to remember that a puppy’s urinary sphincter is not done forming by the time most pups are adopted, so accidents are normal, not misbehavior of any kind. AND, for the healthiest, happiest dog, the American Society of Veterinary Behaviorists recommends pups stay with their Mom for 12-14 weeks.