Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that benefits animals as well as human beings.  It is easy to learn, gentle and very powerful, especially for nervous, anxious and reactive animals.  Another advantage of Reiki is that it can be given from a distance, either five or ten feet away from the animal, or thousands of miles away.  I have clients all over the world.

Because it’s unnecessary to touch an animal to provide Reiki healing, treatments can be performed on fearful animals, injured animals in the wild, animals at zoos, sea creatures suffering in oil spills, and many other challenging situations.

When I offer Reiki to animals, they become deeply relaxed.  The benefits of Reiki, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving overall physical, emotional, spiritual and behavioral well being
  • Reducing pain and inflammation; improving recovery from injury or illness
  • Improving mobility and appetite in senior animals

If you are interested in learning Animal Reiki, I teach in the San Francisco Bay Area, Watsonville, CA  and my next class is scheduled for June 24 and 25.  Link to register and for more information: