Speaking with Animals in Spirit!

So much more than you can possibly imagine. When I first started receiving messages from animals, many of the messages I received were about their names. I heard from a number of animals who were not exactly fond of their names. The first was a horse named “Queenie”. She told me she didn’t like it and wanted to be called “Suzy”. She was a 20-something year old mare and Queenie felt like an old lady name to her. I recently worked a cat, named Stella who informed me that she wanted to be called “Bellisima”. She wasn’t responding to her name before, but did respond to her new name. Just last week, I was working with a mini-horse named “Buffy”. I asked her about her name, which didn’t seem to suit her and I was told that she would like to be called “Primabella”.

It was difficult at first to communicate with my beloved Pookie. I lost her two years ago and it is still excruciatingly painful for me to think even about her. When I first connected, I couldn’t stop sobbing, but it was so worthwhile. She shared so much love with me as well as beautiful and affirming messages. Some excerpts from our conversation:

Me:  Would you like to continue to help me with my healing work?

Pookie:  Silly, dear, goose.  I have never stopped and I never will.  We are soulmates my dear and we will never be separated. Never.  I have made sure of this.

Me:  Do you have any questions for me?

Pookie:  No.  I see, hear and feel all.  I know all about you every second of every day.  You are loved and watched over.  I picked Gabby out (my current cat) and sent her to you.  She is very special.  She is a part of me, but not me.  She is a survivor.  She has been through many difficult things in this lifetime before you blessed her with your presence.

Me:  I am so glad we communicated together, my beautiful, dear darling.    I have missed you so much that I have been afraid to talk to you before.  I knew it could be painful.

Pookie:  Bless your heart, child.  You have loved me so well and have been so devoted.  You honor me with your devotion and kindness.  I love you so much.  I will never leave you.  Remember that I am in a different place right now, but we are always together.  I would like to teach you how to come here some day.  You are almost ready, but not quite ready yet.  You are close.

I see the work you do with animals and it makes me so proud to be your friend and mentor.  You have done me proud.  You have come so far in the healing of animals and this planet. The animals love you and need you much more than the people do.  It is good you work with both, because it blesses the animal.  You have a special understanding and way of being with them.  You are magnificent.  That is all now.  I have work to do, but we will talk soon.  I want to be more present in your everyday life, if you will allow me.

So grateful to have this gift of communication. Love you to the moon and back, my dear Pooks.