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Healing Happens for Animals & Humans

Animals have the capacity to connect on a deep heart level. It is a partnership between myself and the animal in which they guide me with their own internal wisdom, send love and appreciation and sometimes perform healing in return. When working with humans, the focus is on deeper work by bringing joy, healing and transformation; bringing you fully into your power, beauty and the magnificence of who you truly are.

Animal Healing – Success Stories

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HAH_Rally's-Friends - Success-Story
HAH_Tilly's-Courage - Success-Story
HAH_Ladys-Trust - Success-Story
HAH_Lucys-Rejuvenated - Success-Story
HAH_Lucys-Rejuvenated - Success-Story

Rally Makes a Friend!

So grateful to have made this connection, and definitely recommend Cindie’s services.

Rally, a street dog from Taiwan, was adopted by an amazing family, but it was unclear if she would be able to stay.  The family adored her and was more than willing to work with her reactivity and fear; however, Rally began to show some aggressive behavior with their young daughter and risking her safety was not an option.

I did several Reiki sessions with Rally to calm her and release the trauma she’d experienced on the streets. She became less reactive and more at peace.  Because aggression always comes from fear, I looked at the belief systems that had resulted from her experience and began to release them.

As she began to trust me more, she showed me that she had been teased frequently by children.  She was food-deprived and some of the teasing involved the pretense that she was going to be fed, then the food was withdrawn.  I released belief systems around children in general and, in particular, worked with her belief systems as they involved their daughter.

Today, Rally is a happy, healthy member of her family.  She and this awesome young woman have become the best of friends and play together every day!


Tilly Find’s Her Courage!

Tilly transformed, literally overnight from being frightened and hiding out to cuddling and hanging out!

Recently I was asked by a client in Tasmania to do some work with her foster kittens. There were thirteen in all and the one that she was most concerned about was Tilly. Tilly had been with her for more than five weeks and was still terrified of everything and everyone in the household.

Unlike most other modalities, a Reiki session can be given to multiple animals simultaneously, so I did the energy work for the entire household, including Amanda’s two dogs as well.

Everyone was calmer after the session, but it had a profound impact on Tilly. Her fear had declined substantially and she was beginning to settle in nicely. I did another session several days later and Amanda reported to me that, for the first time, Tilly allowed herself to be petted and actually climbed up and slept on Amanda’s lap!


Lady Learn’s to Trust!

Lady is a completely different horse after working with Cindie. The transformation was incredible!

The following story illustrates the power of Reiki to bring healing and create change over a short period of time, as well as the importance of giving an animal choice and control over their situation.

I first met Lady in December of 2011. She had been described as “explosive”, bolting at every attempt at human contact. Lady and her mother, Snowflakes, had been cared for in a foster pasture several miles away from Pregnant Mare Rescue for the preceding six months. They had been rescued at a feedlot, literally on their way to slaughter.

On my first visit to see Snowflakes and Lady, Lady was very curious about me. I could feel her wanting to connect, but she stopped herself each time she crept more than a few feet in my direction. I intentionally had placed myself about ten feet away and just held a loving space, giving her the option to come to me if and when she was ready. There were no obvious signs she was connecting with the Reiki energy, but I felt the energy more strongly as she drew nearer and trusted the healing was beginning.

On my second visit, both Lady and Snowflakes approached me and nickered as I opened the gate. Lady stayed close to me the entire time, sniffing my face and body for long intervals, nibbling at and licking my hands, but ran if I made the slightest movement in her direction. Snowflakes, who had been hesitant the first visit, moved close to me, dropped her head and was deep in the Reiki energy.

This same pattern continued for the third and fourth visit, each time with Lady more at peace and less likely to take off running when there was movement on my part. At this point, I was able to touch her very lightly.

On the day of the fifth visit, a major transition took place. I had been with the horses for almost twenty minutes when Lady started to close her eyes. This meant that I had established a great deal of trust with her, that she felt safe enough to let down her guard. She continued with eyes closed for a few moments, starting to drop into sleep.

She paused and let out a couple of little groans. I observed some very, very, deep breathing as well as a period in which she was breathing very shallowly and quickly, as if she was processing, moving something through. I had a vision of energy releasing around her heart. She slept (standing up) for about half-hour, would open her eyes, stretch and close them and go back to sleep.

After this visit, she opened up and I was able to touch and connect with her more. Snowflakes let down her guard the next visit and let me get really close. I felt a deep heart connection.

Two months later, when I was working with Lady and Snowflakes at Pregnant Mare Rescue, the unexpected happened. Lady approached me, placed her chest close to my chest and her head on my shoulder. We stood there together in a loving space for a very long time.


Lucy is Rejuvenated!

Lucy regained her health and quality of life after Cindie’s sessions.  If you have a senior animal, she can help!

Lucy was my sister’s cat and one of my first clients!  She was almost 14 years old when I began to work with her.  Her paws were bleeding, she had lost most of the color in her beautiful fur and she was thin and tired.  The first session I did was in person and the rest were distance healing, so I did not have an opportunity to see directly how she was doing for a few weeks.  In conversations with my sister, she stated she did not see any change in Lucy.  I felt discouraged, but was not about to give up.  I loved that cat and she had been in our family for a very long time.

After several weeks I went over to my sister’s to spend some time with her.  Lucy was laying down in the driveway and looked amazing!  All of the color was back in her fur, her paws had stopped bleeding, she had gained weight and was clearly much more energetic and happy.  She lived for a few more years afterward.  Lucy, the pistol was back!


Meera Gets Her Mojo Back!

We adopted a second dog about six weeks ago. Our Poochon was depressed and jealous. She stopped playing and smiling. My last straw came when she peed in my bed. I was at my wit’s end, and then a friend recommended Cindie Ambar of Heartsong Animal Healing. Cindie came to our house and did a healing on our pup. She is playful and happy again and there is no more peeing all over the house!  My husband, the sceptic, was impressed.

-Saroj & Meera

Meera was a very happy, energetic dog until her people adopted a puppy, Dylan.  Things changed drastically after the adoption.  Meera became very depressed and listless and was peeing and pooping all over her house, including her people’s bed!

I visited Meera and her new puppy housemate.  I did a Reiki session for the two of them and their person, Saroj, reported to me that they slept for nine hours straight after the session.  After a couple of days I checked in with Saroj to see how things were going.  I received the following email response:

​Hi Cindie,

Thank you for your email. Meera is doing great!  She got her mojo back 😊 She is happy and playful again.

Thank you so much.


Additionally, that day was the end of the indoor soiling!  It is not typical that a single session solves an issue such as this one, but it worked for Meera and we all were thrilled!

Animal Communication

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Dazy’s Words Bring Healing!

A client’s mother had recently lost her beloved dog of close to 20 years.  They were extremely close and bonded and the loss was very hard on her.   The communication session brought them back into contact and supported her through the healing process.  I received the following testimonial a few days later:

A big shout out to Cindie Ambar at Heartsong Animal Healing!

Cindie’s gift of connection and energy with animals is amazing. Cindie held a session with my mom and her Dazy that was intense and so very special. Mom has recalled this session so many times.

It provided Mom a great deal of comfort and closure each time she remembers her dear dog. This was a beautiful session to help Mom cope with her grieving and to move forward and cherish all the memories.

Thanks, Cindie from our entire family!!


Mowgli Finds his Way Home!

I was contacted by a client who was afraid her beloved cat may have been killed or badly injured.  During the night, they had heard a big crash outside of their house and a terrible scream.  Their beloved cat, Mowgli had still not returned the next day.  I was able to connect with Mowgli, ascertain that he was ok, learn his approximate location and then help him to get home over the course of the next couple of days.  Afterward I received the following testimonial:

Having Cindies superpowers and support through this experience was comforting and gave me inner peace. She continued to connect with him throughout the day, sending him love and courage. She asked him to find the courage to come out of the tree and come home. He finally did!

I cant explain how Cindies superpowers work, but they DO! Ive seen it time and time again! Thank you Cindie!


Zeke Shares his Heart!

I was asked to speak with Zeke when his person became concerned about his survival after a recent surgery.  The Vet was quite optimistic, but she had a feeling that he might not make it. She was quite distraught at first and then able to relax when he shared with her how well he felt. He also had beautiful words for her that touched her deeply.  I received this feedback the following day:

Hi Cindie, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping communicate with Zeke. I never could have imagined how deep our connection could run, and I am truly touched that you were able to tap into that. I love Zeke so fiercely, and to hear that he feels the same way is nothing short of incredible. Thank you for helping us. I can’t wait to speak with you again.


Tiger and Daphne Share their Wisdom!

I was asked to speak with Tiger and Daphne so their person could know more about them.  It turned out that they had amazing and profound advice for her.  I received the following testimonial:

I am so grateful for our session today and was honestly blown away and was shocked by the emotional rollercoaster that I endured. You had me in tears within the first 5 minutes (happy tears 💞)  and had me cracking up 2 minutes later. I didn’t expect the detail and fluidity from each message. And without knowing anything about any of my animals, you brought each of their personalities through as if it were truly them speaking to me. I mean Tiger was using these old English words from the 1800s and I knew he was an ‘old soul’ and then the first question Daphne asked ‘Am I in trouble?’  😆 Then you were able to call in Porky and he was grateful that you called so he could give me the message he’s been waiting to give me. You really made me view and contemplate my life in an entirely different light. Thank you so much Cindie. 😻


Bella Forgives her Family

Bella’s behavior towards her family changed dramatically after a visit from a family member.  Her family did not realize the impact the visit would have on her and were very puzzled by the behavior. She was avoiding them, growling, stayed primarily in one room and would not allow herself to be touched.  When I spoke with her, she provided very valid reasons that she was upset.  She also discussed an event that had occurred a number of years ago that she was legitimately upset about as well.  Her loving family apologized to her and we worked to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution.

The following day I received the following email from her person:

We are ecstatic!  Bella has rejoined our family in every way.  She is out and about, purring, cuddling and actively seeking our attention.  Thank you for getting our family back together!


Ziggy is Liberated!

Ziggy showed me a gate closing on him unexpectedly.  It was obviously very traumatic for him.  The next time I spoke with my client, she informed me that his lifelong anxiety had simply disappeared!


Ziggy was an off-the-track thoroughbred and I was informed by his person that he was incredibly anxious.  The purpose of the session was not to address his anxiety, but for his person to learn more about him. He gave many charming and sweet answers to her questions and we finished before the session time was up.

I suggested that we use the additional time to find out more about his anxiety.  Ziggy showed me a gate closing on him unexpectedly. It was obviously very traumatic for him.  The next time I spoke with my client, she informed me that his lifelong anxiety had simply disappeared!  No energy work involved here, just the telling of his story which liberated him from the trauma.

Human Healing – Success Stories

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Tim Releases Back Pain!

Tim was in a substantial amount of pain when we worked together.  We released belief systems and thought patterns that were contributing to the pain, as well as some old karma.  We had one session together.

I received the following testimonial:

Hey Everybody!! I had a session with Cindie Ambar and it helped A LOT!! not just a little! I had rather severe lower back pain and the day after she worked on me, it was 50% better. And, the day after that, it was probably another 40% better. I mean, this problem is a seldom-but-pretty-severe situation that is rather mysterious. If you wanna investigate the origins of what the causes are of your pain [whether physical or otherwise], contact Cindie.


Stephanie Transforms her Life!

Stephanie has been through a lot.  When we first met, she was not happy about where she was in her life and felt stuck in a career that she did not enjoy.  I used both my coaching and healing skills to support her.

I received the following testimonial:

Working with Cindie has been a wonderful experience.  She draws from a wide variety of modalities to tailor each session to the individual, and their specific needs.   I’ve been working with Cindie personally for several months.  She has cleared out many lifetimes worth of psychic debris and given me many tools to work with to be more joyful, grounded and centered.  She’s also guiding me to a new career path!  I highly recommend working with Cindie to anyone in need of guidance, two, three or four-legged!

-S. C. Walnut Creek, California


Nathan Overcomes His Fears!

I worked first with Nathan’s mother.  She was very happy with her results and asked if I could work with her young son, Nathan.  We made a game of the sessions and played and told stories as we moved forward.  His mother reported he felt very safe and comfortable with me.  His world opened up tremendously with our work.

I received the following testimonial:

Cindie also has worked with my five-year-old son, and the changes in him have been so dramatic it is almost jaw-dropping. My little guy is now finding strength within as well as being able to face challenges with his own sense of courage.” And a follow-up: ” Nathan is doing excellent. He had so many shifts after the work you did. I have been meaning to write you about it. He started accepting school more and acclimating and truly enjoying it and just in general stronger more able to find his own skin and be confident in his abilities. It has been a true blessing. You are an absolute angel.

-N.K., Campbell, California


Larry Becomes Abundant!

Larry came to me with several issues he wanted to address.  A primary area of focus was abundance and business success.  After working with Larry over a two-month period, the number of clients he had tripled and he no longer worries about his finances.  He has gone back to school, made possible by the substantial abundance generated by our work!

I received the following testimonial:

Cindie is a caring and talented professional. Always focused on supporting her client’s goals and needs.  We are still working on various issues and getting solid results.  Cindie has my highest recommendation! Thanks so much Cindie!

-L.R. Hobart, Tasmania


Ginny Gets her Life Back!

Ginny, a talented healer and artist had endured a three year long, dark night of the soul.   She had lost everything, including her home and was almost ready to give up hope.  We worked intensively together to release trauma, blocks and limiting thought patterns and belief systems.  After a number of sessions, her life and business is right on track and she has a wonderful place to live.

I received the following testimonial:

Working with Cindie has been life-changing. I feel as if I have processed, released and recovered from an entire lifetime full of limits. My day to day has completely transformed in huge, tactile and amazing ways!  Cindie is an extremely talented master healer whose study and implementation of multiple healing modalities turns each session into a month of talk therapy on steroids.  Highly recommended!

-G. B. Salem Oregon

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