If you have been subscribed to my newsletter for a while, you may have heard the story of Lady, a horse that was deemed untouchable and would not even let the kind woman who had been feeding her for six months near her.  When I did a session and focused on her courage, she came right up to me. The next time I saw her, she rested her head on my chest. Seeing her as fearful would have produced a completely different result.

How we Perceive our Animals
Animals, like humans, can be limited by how we perceive them.  And, they absolutely do not want our pity!  Compassion, yes.  Pity-heck no!  We have so much power to improve our animals lives by our perceptions. In Reiki, we call this seeing with our Reiki eyes.  Seeing with your Reiki eyes can result in miracles and at minimum, absolutely will improve your animal’s well-being and life experience.

Every being has an inner perfection that goes deeper than outside appearances.  There is a wholeness we all have access to in the direst of circumstances.  Seeing the wholeness underneath the exterior supports your animal in being able to see that for themselves and igniting their bright, inner light.  When you pity, you see them as less than and limit their ability to heal on every level to be in alignment with your perception.

The Impact of Worrying
When we worry, we worry our animals and it can cause additional stress. Easier said than done, but a different mindset will serve you as well as your fur-babies. Animals also often take on our stuff in an attempt to heal us.  I can’t tell you how many animal/human clients I have encountered that have the same or similar physical or emotional issues.  Additionally, telling your animal that the best way they can support you is to be well can be very helpful. You may have to repeat this several times before they take it in.

You may be thinking, that this all sounds good, but unlikely to be the case.  I get that.  What I can tell you with 14 years of experience, working with hundreds of animals is that it works.  It doesn’t cure cancer, but animals are happier, healthier and stronger when their people believe in their capacity to be and do more.  This alone, without any healing work has changed the lives of many of my animal and human clients and friends. 

A simple example is a dog whose people were referring to it as fat and lazy.  When I advised them, they changed the way they perceived and spoke about the dog, the dog became very active and much more muscular and svelte.  No healing work was involved.

How Animals Feel about Health Issues and End of Life
It’s also helpful to know that animals don’t perceive health issues in the same way that we do.  When I speak with animals what we perceive is a huge deal does not have as much power over them.  It’s also important to know that animals don’t fear death.  They know it’s not the end.  They don’t want to leave us, but they know another adventure awaits! 

Finally, managing our own stress levels has tremendous benefits for our animals.  One quick tip-if you breathe for a bit and keep your outbreath longer than your inbreath, it will activate the vagus nerve, initiating a relaxation response for you and most likely your animal companion as well!
I encourage you to give this a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!