War Horses!

This is a photo of my beloved Fenna and my darling, beloved Nyxx, who crossed over the rainbow bridge far too soon. Both are Friesian Horses. Friesians have been used as war horses since medieval times.

On Memorial Day, let’s not forget to thank our canine, felines and equines for their service.⁠

Eight million horses, mules and donkeys lost their lives in WWI. Many of those lost were American Mustangs. Our American Mustangs need our help and support today more than ever. Systemic genocide is being carried out by our so called “Bureau of Land Management” (BLM) who are removing them and shipping them to slaughter across our borders to make way for cattle and sheep. ⁠

The argument is that these horses are starving. While there may be a couple of areas where horses are struggling, most Mustangs are in fantastic shape. I have seen many in person, so I can attest to this. Each horse removed has traditionally been replaced by 30-50 head of cattle or sheep, so it’s clear that there are adequate resources to support them. The head of the BLM in Nevada, where the bulk of our remaining Mustangs live, is the former head of the Cattleman’s Association in that state. ⁠

For more information on Mustangs and how to support them, I highly recommend the Wild Horse Education website: https://wildhorseeducation.org/urgent-action/. Please educate yourself and ensure your local legislators have their backs.⁠