A number of years ago, when I had my first animal communication session for my cat, Pookie, I was told “You know that look she gives you….”.  I did!  It was the closest thing to a dirty look I have ever seen from an animal!  The communicator went on to inform me that she gave me this look when I was thinking too much, which I often did in those days.


Fast forward to 2021 when I was already an animal communicator myself and adopted another feline fur-baby.  I made a point of spending time with her outside everyday (she is an indoor/outdoor cat), which she loved.  I began to notice that when I thinking about the day’s events, what I need to do tomorrow, etc. that she would walk away from me.


A conversation with her quickly identified what the issue was.  When I was outside spending time together, she wanted me to be quiet and still inside-to be totally and completely present with her.  I have heard this many times over the years in my animal communication sessions.  It seems so simple, yet so few of our animals ever truly receive this sacred gift.


Yes, we can have fun by playing their favorite games and taking them to their favorite places, but it doesn’t address their deepest need. When I am with my buddy for our “special time” and I am in a quiet, still meditative space with my cell phone inside, she sticks around.  She absolutely loves it and purrs and purrs and purrs.


Not only has this supported her needs, but my life has improved.  Having this sweet time at the end of the day, out in nature in the silence together brings deep peace to my mind, body and spirit.  I highly recommend it!