Why Invest in Animal Communication?

Animal communication is simply a telepathic connection between a human and another species. It does not require a special gift, rather an open heart, an open mind and the willingness to practice-a lot! As children we were naturally telepathic, but were told that we were making things up, that our stories were cute or simply noticed the adults around us did not believe us, so shut that gift down. As an animal communicator, I speak with animals all over the world and I receive information via words, metaphors, images, videos, feelings, knowings, smell and taste. I was quickly able to solve a woman’s issues with her dog not eating his food as soon as he showed me what it tasted like! Yuk! Now I am no expert on what food tastes good to an animal, but this was clearly an exception!


Indications for animal communication include the following:

  1. Behavioral challenges. One in particular that I have become somewhat adept at is animals that pee or poop where there people want them to!! I don’t know that I would call it my specialty and I have not been 100% successful, but there are some folks with much cleaner floors and couches out there now! It should also be noted that just because an animal can understand what I am saying does not automatically guarantees they will listen to me. That’s where negotiation comes in!


  2. Emotional challenges. This includes identifying the source of the trauma and gaining feedback on what triggers the animal and how best to support them. Sometimes the very fact that an animal has been able to share their story is incredibly healing. A horse client recently told me that it had released a major burden for them, a big weight off of his beautiful shoulders.


  3. Conflicts between animal siblings. Understanding each other better, asking each other what they would like from one another makes a big difference.


  4. Decisions about bringing a new family member or fur-baby into the home. I can tell you that most animals know about this before I even ask!


  5. Preparing an animal for other life changes, such as moving or going on vacation without your animal companion.


  6. Attachment issues, such as separation anxiety, lack of bonding or changes in their affections towards a family. My animal communication instructor tells a story about a dog that started behaving strangely towards his persons husband. The dog informed her that the husband was having an affair and he was none too pleased about it! One of my greatest fears is having to tell my client something like that!


  7. Making decisions about animal transitions. This can be a really tough one because animals can change their mind-they might be feeling horrible and feel better another day, so you have to be so careful that and ask a number of times.


  8. After death. It is very comforting for folks to know that their animals are safe and well. Animals are very forgiving and loving and will rarely tell their people that they made the wrong decisions, etc. It’s usually a very sweet, happy conversation.


  9. Just for fun! It can be really enjoyable to find out what your animal thinks about certain things, find more out about their past, etc.

I do my sessions remotely and record the conversations for my clients who are up for using Zoom so they can refer back to it. This is especially nice when an animal has crossed over. I recently helped a very sweet woman who was heartbroken and the messages meant so much to her that she has listened to the recording multiple times.

If you are interested in exploring animal communication or other healing work, I invite you to book a free 20 minute telephone consult in the services section of this site!