Your Animal Companion –

What’s in a Name?

So much more than you can possibly imagine. When I first started receiving messages from animals, many of the messages I received were about their names. I heard from a number of animals who were not exactly fond of their names. The first was a horse named “Queenie”. She told me she didn’t like it and wanted to be called “Suzy”. She was a 20-something year old mare and Queenie felt like an old lady name to her. I recently worked a cat, named Stella who informed me that she wanted to be called “Bellisima”. She wasn’t responding to her name before, but did respond to her new name. Just last week, I was working with a mini-horse named “Buffy”. I asked her about her name, which didn’t seem to suit her and I was told that she would like to be called “Primabella”.

My animal communication instructor tells a story about a horse named “Diablo” or “devil”. He was absolutely living up to his name and causing all sorts of trouble at the barn. When she had a communication session with him and asked him about his antics, he replied that his name was Diablo and he was behaving in alignment with that. When his name was changed, he became a much calmer, agreeable horse and was able to remain in the facility.

Many of us prefer to be called something other than our given name. A name has energy. It has a vibration like all words do. That is what animals pick up from us. I invite you to try out another name with your animal companion for fun and see if it makes a difference!